5: The bad

It kind of seems trite to me to talk about ‘the bad’ during my college experience when, overall, I had a very lovely time. But I said I would do it, so I might as well. It’ll be short.

01 | Having to go to school when it was -40F outside. That is cold! Some of us have to walk to school and we could have gotten frostbite!

02 | The roads and sidewalks in general. The streets don’t have the drainage system we all know and love, but rather, they just have the asphalt really high in the middle and non-existent on the sides so that, when the snow melts, it goes collects on the sides. This makes driving or riding your bike difficult. The sidewalks themselves are haphazardly tilted in all directions from the trees and cracks. I think having to watch my step constantly only increased my propensity to look at my feet while I walk.

03 | The financial aid department seemed reticent to give out financial aid. At one point, I won a scholarship from the English department but they didn’t want to give it to me because I already had a scholarship. But hey, I wasn’t applying for scholarships for “funsies,” I really needed it! And besides, nearly all my Wyoming-resident friends were literally paid money to attend the school! Psshh.

04 | The registrar. This was kind of a battle for me. I had to test out of my level-one writing requirement during my last week of school even though I had numerous level-2 and level-3 courses, was an English major, and had completed my honors thesis project. I passed though!

05 | No outlets in the library! After a multi-million dollar remodel, this was a grave oversight!

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