5: Reasons you should hire me

I’m applying for jobs right now and I feel frustrated.

Does this resume really say who I am? How I work? What I can do?

I think some of my strongest qualities have become cliched and that’s unfortunate.

01 | I am dedicated. No matter what I do, I can’t help but pour everything I have into it in order to make it the best project possible. I will even secretly work on it if you try to stop me. I genuinely believe that hard work can accomplish anything. I like to help people.

02 | I am a problem-solver. Ok, even I’ll admit that I thought this was a cliche, until I met people who couldn’t problem solve and it was a little amazing. I pride myself in my ability to figure things out for myself, either literally by trial-and-error or through researching solutions. I think you know how nice it is to work with proactive people.

03 | I am honest. One of the benefits of being a slightly anxious person is that I’m sincere. Not just the things I tell you, but my work ethic. Not doing what I’m supposed to makes me uncomfortable.

04 | I am creative. This is almost a given, but I feel like I should mention it. Although at times I might have a long thought process, it’s because I want to think of something different. Find something special in what everyone sees as ordinary. I know that the first solution might be the easiest, but it’s not always the best.

05 | I am never satisfied. Not in a bad way. It just strongly believe in constantly improving yourself and your work, even if it means going out of your way and spending a little more time and money. I want to do things that make my happy and that is definitely not doing the bare minimum.

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