Symptoms of senioritis

I feel like my head is congested with information, responsibilities, and deadlines. Paper topics, asterisk denoting important events, and the inability to say “no” when someone asks me a favor. Work, school, and social life.

Usually when I feel like I have too many thoughts in my head I write. Like with a pen and paper, wrist movements, and stream of consciousness. So today I got a out an inky blue pen (I use blue for notes to myself and black for things that other people tell me).

But I couldn’t even think. Imagine not being about to just have a random string of thoughts. I don’t know if that’s every happened before. I think it might be a bad sign.

What I’m thinking about:

  1. Honors thesis project. Writing it. Struggling with it. (Accidentally saving over it and having to re-write it!!!)
  2. Working on my new website. Due Thursday.
  3. Online class response. Due in 4 hours. (I’ve decided that I don’t like online classes. I need the classroom experience, teachers telling me what to know and think and reminding me about assignments. I like the mood, the context, and the feel of the classroom)
  4. This journal. And how much I want one. Right now.
  5. Playing the ukulele. Buying a new, better, solid-wood body ukulele with gear tuners. (Remember how I told you I like to buy things when I’m stressed?)
  6. Making/revising my map for the an art exhibition.
  7. Designing an essay book for the art exhibition.
  8. Going into work tomorrow.
  9. Wanting to watch Singing in the Rain but forbidding myself  until I work on my thesis paper some more.
  10. Reading Chaucer. Likewise, wishing that I could understanding Middle English better.
  11. Falling asleep on my textbooks.
  12. Coffee.
  13. Exercising.
  14. Missing spring break.
  15. Wanting to go on a weekend trip to Jackson with Mary, Carissa, and “The Europeans” but knowing that I will probably not be able to.
  16. Applying for The Future.
  17. How I wish I had better handwriting.
  18. Graduating.
  19. Moving all my stuff.
  20. Needing to go the grocery store but avoiding it.

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