In two weeks…

Exactly two weeks from now, I’ll be graduating.

Whew. After 3 weeks of crushing chaos, I can finally live again. I’m not close to done yet—I still have a lot of projects due, papers to write, ready to blink at—but I think the worst of it is over. I’ve gotten to crawl out my room, away from the fumes of all-nighters and compulsive snacking.

Going-into-the-Outside-World I did This Week:

01 | Senior Sendoff: I went to the little party that the UW Alumni Association was throwing for seniors with Bob and Carissa, and of course running into many people who were graduating too. There was free and cheap beer for us, but I dislike the taste of alcohol so I was mostly wooing the artichoke dip all night. But Bob insisted on buying us a Nitro Steamboat Oatmeal Stout to share (his favorite at the Library) and it was probably the only beer that I’ve been able to put into my mouth. It was really smooth and tasted like dark chocolate and brewed right in Laramie. Bob said I would probably like their honey ale too, but maybe next time.

02| Canyon Barbecue: Some of the canyon folk got together again; I swear, we just can’t get enough of each other. Jake had a little barbecue at his house on Thursday. Unfortunately it started snowing and they ended up grilling from their garage. Typical Laramie.

03| Mean Girls: Mary, Bob, and I got together to watch mean girls over a heaping bowls of popcorn. I love Tina Fey! Ps. I just realized that my new iMac means my screen is big enough to watch 30 Rock while I’m working on graphic design homework. Yessssssss.

04| And I made brownies with Spain stenciled on them in powdered sugar. BECAUSE BOB GOT THE FULBRIGHT TO TEACH IN MADRID! His life is amazing and he deserves nothing less. He gave us an eloquent geography lesson on the brownie and made an indent in the powdered sugar exactly where Madrid is: “That’s me, I’m going to be right there!”

05 | Tonight is supposed to be girl’s night with the canyon people and some of their friends. Again, because we keep asking ourselves “Why can’t we just be in the canyon together again?” :)


If you can’t tell, I’ve met some wonderful people in Wyoming, especially in the last year! We keep cursing ourselves for not meeting earlier, but late is better than never. Hope you all are enjoying life as well. Have any summer plans?

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