I know I haven’t done quotes in a while/once, but I’ve been trying to collect quotes that stand by themselves because it’s annoying to read inside jokes. Here are some that I scrounged up.

Laura’s little brother on her facebook wall:

laura, i have stopped reading. and i suggest you do the same. I am now all about futurist percussive poetry; example… RamDam 12/ sizzle mop/ Crunch down/ Safety net/ Hot! Hot! Hot!/ Void.


Me: I saw two Asian students bow at your new Chinese professor. And then, shortly afterwards, I saw an eyeless pigeon head.  / I’m getting mixed signals about how this day is going to turn out.
Carissa: Did you find the head by the library? That’s been there forever.
Me: :(


ME: I don’t know anything you like
JEFF: I mostly just dislike things.


ME: Shoot. Sometimes I forget what late is and send texts at inappropriate times.
IGOR: 1:57 AM, Jacklynn discovers irony.

Your Turn: