All smiles

I’m back in civilization!

Had a blast on my spring break trip! So much happened it’s hard to say it all. I loved the canyoneering, struggled through the backpacking, and most importantly met some amazing new people! I already miss them!

Our leaders: Jake, Chris, and Logan. (top right picture)
Fearless. Fun. Hilarious. And saved our lives every two seconds.

Some happenin’ people: Mary, Sophie, Hannah, Sven, Kate, Carissa, Evan, and Matt.
I can’t even begin to describe how amazing they are.

Some of the highlights:

01 | Repelling down some mad canyons

02 | Delicious food

03 | Light saber wars in the dark. (I was the girl champion!)

04 | Campfire talks

05 | Good music


Soundtrack of the trip:

Your Turn: