5: Things this week

Busy week, but is it ever any other way?

01 | Monday: Evan’s art show. What fun!

02 | Tuesday: Applied for an art school. AHHHH! I can’t believe that was only Tuesday.

03 | Wednesday: Working on a website for my friend’s band, Solid Gold. They need a redesign, right?

04| Thursday: Studied for a Chaucer test with Bob where we informed me that, as an honor student I was automatically signed up for a Undergraduate Research Day in April. Surprise! I also found out that my thesis defense includes a 1-hour presentation, by me. I don’t think I can talk for an hour! At least I wrote my proposal for the my Laramie atlas. I’m thinking a genre study.

05 | Friday: Filled out paperwork for GRADUATION. Did you know that it costs $68 to get your cap and gown? You don’t even get to keep it AND you don’t get any money back! Highway robbery!!!

06 |Saturday: Driving to Denver to get my computer fixed. Sigh! Gas is so expensive!

Good luck with your semester! Sorry I didn’t post much this week. So many things to do!! I’m caught between wanting things to slow down and speed up!

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