5: things I like about punctuation

01 | You all know how I feel about the Oxford Comma.

02 | :D is my favorite emoticon. I especially like it when the colon is off-centered so that it looks like it’s a really person who is lookin’ around being happy.

03 | I don’t typically like exclamation points (especially when used in formal documents to make you seem more human–though of course I do this all the time), but I love it reading prose and the exclamation point is in parenthesis. It’s like the author is admitting that something not very exciting is making him/her way too excited. This clock tells the time in hexadecimal colors (!).

04 | I like phone numbers divided by periods, not dashes. I think it looks less jarring.

05 | When writing by hand, I in inadvertently put periods after everything. Including my name.

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