5: Things I’m excited for

01| My new camera. My dad gave me his old Canon 20D for Christmas. I’m excited to learn how to use it! Hopefully I’ll get my computer fixed soon so that I can actually put pictures on to it…As we all know, I’m not a photographer, but I would love to learn how to take pictures that are tolerable.

02| Computer Graphics II. As a future designer, I know that good design is more than just moving stuff around on a computer screen, but I’m so excited to learn Flash and HTML/CSS! I’m doubly excited because we don’t usually learn much html/css with our program but we hired a new teacher. (This might mean another new website, sigh)

03| Snowboarding. I’m still horrible at snowboarding, but it’s better than going to the gym.

04| Graduating. Also “terrified” and “avoid-ant.”

05| Having a calmer semester. Or at least that’s the plan.

[Picture I took with my new camera at Evan’s cabin. Ok, so it’s a little blurry, and too dark, but it was late in the evening so it turned out pretty good for my standards]

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