5: PM

Ack, haven’t I been the worst lately at Friday 5’s? Sorry.

But for good reason! Yesterday at 5pm I turned in my last final. My paper for Senior Seminar. I have to say that it was a pretty good paper, but intense. I had Carissa posted at her car at 4:45pm while I finished editing. I printed at 4:56pm and arrived in front of Hoyt Hall in a panic to turn in my paper. 4:59pm. The administrative assistant was very annoyed. I made a note to bring her some cookies or something before I head back home.

Although I cleaned my room up a little after my last final on Tuesday, I noticed as I frantically wrote and revised this paper a ring of information formed around my desk. I’m a little bit proud of it:

(I want it on the record that there are research books under that flutter of paper).

Of course, as much as a wanted to post about it…immediately afterward we had to do something for our friend’s birthday, and then we had a tiny party before going to bed a little too late.

It feels so good for this semester to finally be DEAD. I hope to never speak of it again.

In the works:

  • Staying in Laramie for a bit to work on a some submission pieces for the Art Directors’ Club of Denver‘s student art show.
  • And…when you’ll be reading this, I’ll be on my way to Steamboat to go snowboarding!

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