5: Goals for winter break

I’ve found that I’m usually over-ambitious with all the things that I can accomplish over breaks, so I’m going to try to restrain myself  this time.

01 | Update my website by taking some photos of the real print-outs and mock ups. Maybe dabble in teaching myself some CSS/HTML. One day I’ll like to have an HTML version too. By the way, I just had to renew my website: $190 for two years. Ouch!

02 | Fiddle with some yarn. I need to tuck in the loose bits of my blanket still and then it will be completely completely done. And I’m also very interested in learning how to knit socks.

03 | Art. I would love to submit a fine art piece to the Annual Student Juried Exhibition that UW does. The question is: do I even make art?

04 | Make some money. I am in dire need of replenishing my funds. Especially with Christmas shopping around the corner. Anyone need a something designed :)? I actually have a lot of things I can do for SimplyWell, so I should be ok.  (I do have to buy textbooks though)

05 | Catch up with my family & friends :).

What are you up to this during this holiday season?

Your Turn: