5: Things I’m thankful for

With thanksgiving aren’t the the corner and me scootin’ home for it, thought I might do this cop-out post because since I’m feeling a little brain dead.

01| My lovely friends who were nice enough to listen to me complain this entire semester. And they’re pretty cool in their own right too.

02| Tea & Coffee. I would be failing all of my classes right now it it weren’t for you.

04| That I chose making a website for my final project. I’m so excite to work on it and finish it. [FYI: I plan on making it full functional by mid-December, when its due…and then taking better pictures, etc over Christmas break.]

05| This blog. Honestly, it’s been really therapeutic. Like I have hinted at, this has been the worst semester of my life with an all-nighter at least once a week, sometimes two, and with around 3-5 hours of sleep for the other nights. But I try my hardest not to complain on this blog (I know you’re thinking “What? You were whining all the time” but trust me, I was trying). By writing about positive things I think it really made me a little happier.

So thanks :)

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