Note to self: Neutral.

So I’m a senior right now and the need for me to make decisions about my future is fast approaching. At the same time, I feel like I’m barely surviving each week. Unlike last year, this year I have a heavy English load and only one squeaky-wheel art class. It’s horrible.

I think my design teacher wants all of her students to give up their other interests and only do design.  To live and breath design. To eat design and cry tears of design (and if you have taken her class and haven’t cried during a project, you haven’t been working hard enough). Unlike other art classes, we don’t get to work on our projects during  class and it is very demanding.

And although that sounds bad, I get it. She figures, if you want to be a good designer, you need to invest the time, now and always.

But I like my English major. Not only do I enjoy the classes and worship the professors, but I value what I’m learning. Last year, I had been taking more art than English and my favorite classes were art and my English classes fell to the wayside. But this year my favorite class is Senior Seminar (English theory class).

I feel like I’m stuck between two, angry, worlds who want my attention and it’s really frustrating. I’d really like some unbiased advise.

I’m thinking that I might like being an administrative assistant for Google. Nice, neutral decision. Plus, I like they’re a good company.

Your Turn: