5: books I made

Once upon a time I had the published Friday Fives in the morning….Ah well.

Here are some of the books I made for book arts last year:

01| Coptic stitch book. Burlap, cotton paper, linen thread, ink pen

02| Spectacle book (meteor shower). Black ink on black paper, paint, colored pencil. Coptic stitch.

03| Rhythms of Childhood book. Cassette tapes, linen thread, colored cardstock. Coptic stitch.

04| Little Yellow Spider book. Leather, linen thread, ink, typewriter, letter press. Long stitch. (The cover looks better than my crappy picture makes it look)

05| Haiku books. Japanese stab bound (tortoise shell) book. Canson paper, weird leafy paper, linen thread.

And you already saw my map book in this post.

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