I’m driving back to Wyoming today and I’m ready to hit the gym again.

I feel like the rower is an under-appreciated piece of exercise equipment. Strange because I really like it. We only have 2 in the gym at UW and I secretly believe that I’m bringing it back into popularity.

Some of the benefits include:
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  • No (or very little) impact due the continuous motion.
  • Upper-body conditioning
  • Lower body conditioning
  • Strengthens abs
  • Improves cardiovascular function

At one point I did read a lot about them at varies websites and the gist seemed to be that you should should work to maintain the same speed for the duration of your work out (Here’s Concept2 Rower‘s recommendations for workouts).

By the way, if you were wondering what the very best ab workout is, there was an official study done: it’s the bicycle crunch. What’s the worst? The Ab Rocker. Hilarious. (Here’s another article)

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