Friday 21: Playlist

I realized this Sunday that I forgot to post a Friday 5 last week, so I think I owe you.

At the beginning of the summer I made Jeff a birthday mixed cd of some of my favorite songs or songs that just made me happy. The whole album could probably be described as a complete double rainbow. Here it is:

Jeff’s Birthday Mix:

01| We’re going to be friends {The White Stripes}

02| Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da {The Beatles}

03| 1234 {Fiest}

04| Diamonds on the soles of her shoes {Paul Simon}

05| Revolution {The Beatles, Love Album version}

06| Best of Friends {Pearl Bailey, Music of Disney}

07| White winter hymnal {Fleet Foxes}

08| Good day sunshine {The Beatles}

09| Blue cash {Deerhoof}

10| The 59th street bridge song (Feelin’ goovy) {Simon & Garfunkel}

11| Build me up buttercup {The Temptations}

12| Yeah Yeah Yeah song {The Flaming Lips}

13| Japan {CocoRosie}

14| Ev’rybody wants to be a cat {Music of Disney}

15| Me and julio down by the schoolyard {Paul Simon}

16| Little yellow spider {Devendra Banhart}

17| 5 years time {Noah and the Whale}

18| Duck tales theme {Jeff Percetto}

19| Who’s got the crack? {The Moldy Peaches}

20| Fidelity {Regina Spektor}

21| Wouldn’t it be nice {The Beach Boys}

Your Turn: