What's the what

I guess first I should say that I celebrated the fourth by riding around on my bike with Evan to look at fireworks around Laramie. We probably biked a good 6-8 miles. It was so strange though—hardly any one had fireworks in Laramie! Only a like 4 houses had big ones, and we could hear only a couple more houses lighting some small ones up (we biked to a hill where you can see all of Laramie).  The city did put on a show with some big ones though. It was quaint. I was about the equivalent of  a rich person in the Papillion Estates back home, but it was good enough for me :). I would have posted this yesterday, but Evan needed his day too.

What else I’ve been up to lately:

01| Math class. Today’s my first quiz. Gross!

02| Watching season five of the Simpsons. Why not?

03| Finding a Postbaccalaureate program for graphic design. I know you’re all thinking “why, but both your blog and website are ugly.” Oh well. I’ve recently found out about post-bacc programs and am really interested in building my portfolio through one before I apply for a full graduate school. This, after a deep conversation with Igor, who by the way, can do anything his heart desires. He even directed my attention towards The New School in New York. Yes, putting me in New York is kind expecting a tiny bubble to travel through the worlds largest urchin collection.

04| Watching movies.

Burn After Reading {Coen Brothers} Again, I liked this movie. I might be Coen brother’s fan. Its the second newest movie by them I’ve seen (the first being A Serious Man which I saw over Christmas break). It was kind of about this love polygon, spying, divorce, killing, and cosmetic surgeries.

Toy Story 3 {Pixar} It’s at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes right now and I have say, I thought it was good. It definitely seemed like an independent plot (more or less) and not like a desperate attempt to keep making money. Even the animated short before it started, Day & Night by Teddy Newton, was brilliant. I loved it. They brought it to the table. Especially since Toy Story 2 was kind of crappy.

05| Studying half-heartedly for the GRE. I’ve been reading from the Merriam-Webster Vocabulary Builder book.  Of course I’m not going to recommend this as a sure-fire way to do well on the GRE. I do think that it’s a pretty interesting book, but I’ve always like vocabulary. I figured it was the most painless way to study for the GRE.  Although a graduate student did tell me that the GRE for Dummies book was more helpful to her than the Princeton Review book. Either way, I suggest getting them used.

06| Thoroughly enjoying these desktop backgrounds. I actually clean out my EXTREMELY out of control desktop and decreased my icon size in order to use one. Simple is everything.


07| Cooking. Maybe I’ll post a picture soon.

08| Enjoying my summer. Hope you are too!

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