This is one of  my favorite drinks (if not most favorite) and I recently discovered it in these cute little boxes at Safeway! $.99 of deliciousness. (It was by the deli in the little refrigerator islands).

Every time I went with my mom to the Asian store, I would get one of these. It came in a regular sized can and was about $.69. I would practically inhale it in the car. There are very few things I drink quickly and a lot of, and this is one of them. I was so excited to find it, even if it is a little over-priced.

If you haven’t had Silk Vanilla/Chocolate, you’re missing out. It think they are vastly superior to vanilla or chocolate milk. They are much smoother and a little sweeter without feeling sticky. It’s overall a more delicate experience that I appreciate. This is the closest taste I can compare it with.

This drink is meant to be a treat (not that I don’t drink the vanilla Silk as a treat), so it’s pretty much just sweetened soy milk. I couldn’t tell you if I love it because I’ve grown up with it or because it’s truly a remarkable drink—but my friends like it too. The only downside is that I accidentally got one without a straw!

If you run into it, I insist you try it :)

Ok, the other thing that I realized is that I should have made a blog that connected form my website ( instead of making a WordPress blog from the WP server. Gar. Well I create one, but I won’t use it until I re-make my website so that it doesn’t look like at 14-year-old made it.

Stay tuned for the switch.

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