5: Things I believe

01| Deadlines. Not that I’m unmotivated, but deadlines are just so comforting me. I will be done with x by m/d/y. I mean yes, they’re also nerve-wracking and horrible when you’re a procrastinator like me. But is there anything that makes you happier than a deadline getting pushed back? I would be lost without deadlines.

02| You can accomplish anything through hard work. This probably stems from our puritan culture, but I think it’s true. I always believe in trying your best. Even if I kick and scream, whine and shake my tiny fist, I don’t give up. I always feel better afterwords.

03| Never be satisfied, always be striving for more. “I did a great job, but I can do better next time.” Improving yourself, your situation, and…I don’t know, the world?

04| Knowledge is wonderful. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved school and learning new things. It’s always worth it for me. Even in gen-ed classes, I’m happy to be there (even if it’s deep, deep down inside).

05| Spontaneity. Do something for the sake of doing it. As someone constantly battling her true, introverted-nature, I consciously try to make my life something I’d be happy to look back on. I try to do random things that are outside my comfort-zone.

Obviously this isn’t everything, because corgis weren’t even mentioned, but there they are.

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