Trip to Europe continued

Because I know no one reads the first post anyway, I’m going to continue talking about my trip before I forget it, just for the sake of remembering.

In London we also saw the Banquet Hall, Middle Temple Hall, Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery, and the British Museum. All very good places to see.

Outside of the British Museum. It's a lot bigger than it looks in this picture.

Then we made off to Italy where we visited Milan, Vincenza, Verona, and Venice. It was an Odyssey making rounds to all those cities in a week with our luggage. Milan we were in for less than a day. Vincenza we were in longer, the main thing I remember was having a group dinner at a delicious restaurant. There was of course the piazza and the amphitheater there. Venice we spent the longest time in (three whole days!), but again, we did less exploring than in England. Highlights include: San Marco, taking the vaporetto, buying scarves, rice & honey gelato, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea (where a cute Italian boy tried to hit on one of the girls I was with, you could tel he did this every day), and having dinnering with one of the professors on the trip.

There is so much that happened, and it just doesn’t feel right to talk about it here. Maybe this will help me remember though. Cheers!

Goodbye, Europe!

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