The rain stopped, the clouds parted…

…and suddenly the sun came out!

I’ve finally finished my paper! I will have a life again!!! Hurray!!

I set my a timer to give me exactly enough time to print, put on my shoes, and book it down to the English department to turn in my paper so that I can edit until the very last second. In a highly dramatic dash two blocks away to the said building, I run up the stairs with a bundle of papers. I throw aside the door like I’m swatting a bug.

ALAS! What’s this?!


Panicked, I ran around the building, asking anyone I met if they had a key. To no avail. Unceremoniously, I shove my papers under my professor’s door. I’m completely scared at this point and I’m sure I’ve failed my mission. When I got home, I was still shaking.

Evan says it was a terrible paper. Sigh. I liked it.

In happier news:

Happy birthday to the ever lovely Laura!

Your Turn: