Week in the life, Day 6

“TGIF” as the kids and restaurant chains say.

Summary: Work, clean, TV, sleep.

People I talked to: Grant, Katie, Sarah, Vinita, Matt

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Day 6, Friday

7:0?a. Friday is a most magical day where I can sleep in because I’m working in the San Francisco office. I wake up anyway before my alarm, which is set at 8am. I will myself to go back to sleep because, Jacklynn, you can if you want! My bed is so great. Pillows are so great I love my bed. It’s always there for me.

7:32a. I get out of bed and get ready for work. I figure I shouldn’t fight it and I did get to sleep in for nearly an hour.  I listen to the rest of the This American Life episode I started on the bus last night as I get ready.  I have a little bluetooth speaker that I really like.

7:59a. Done getting ready

8:00a. Alarm goes off. I collect my things to bike to work, which includes a pair of ASOS shoes that I’m returning. Small feet did not compute with big shoes.

8:03a.  Make my way outside passing the overflowing recycling and compost bins. Living with housemates pains me. Down the creaky stairs.

8:04a. Wipe down and unlock my bike. My neighbors have been resting a large steel pole from a bed frame on my bike recently and I check around for it and it looks like it has finally been thrown away. I realize I forgot a piece of my phone stand that I take off when I park my bike so it doesn’t get stolen. I ponder whether I can navigate to work without it or not so I don’t have to go back upstairs…I probably could….

8:05a. Go back upstairs and grab the missing piece.

8:08a. Attach it to my bike and pull out. I’m pretty sure I need to put more air in my tires but NO TIME FOR THAT. (There is time for that, but I don’t want to do it).

8:30a. Arrive at work. I know there is a second bike parking area that has an air pump, but I can never find it….I follow someone who looks like they could work at my company (shoe choices) but he goes to an area I don’t think is right. I park my bike in the other place. Sigh.

8:33a. Up to the cafeteria. Out of the habit I hit the wrong floor at first. I always end up getting more than I intend to here because everything looks so small in the abstract.

8:38a. I sit outside facing the Bay Bridge. Sometimes it’s too hot and sunny to sit outside, but today it’s pretty overcast so it’s not so bad.


8:44a. The sun comes out from behind the clouds and it becomes uncomfortably warm and hot. Have to keep appreciating the outside though.

9:04a. Go our usual Friday spot in the other building, carrying my bowl of Kefir and granola with me because, of course I got too much food. But I don’t want to be wasteful.

9:05a. Drop off my stuff and grab a cup of water and sencha green tea from the kitchen.

9:06a. Ask an engineer who is not on the picnic questions about the thing I have to do. Chat with Grant. Work. I wont’ go that much into detail today about work because I don’t want to think about it too much.  I find software engineers in the areas my interns are interested in to talk to them.

10:01a. Another co-worker arrives.

10:32a. Another co-worker arrives.

1:41p. Publish my work for an engineer to give feedback on.

2:02p. Co-worker gets back from a meeting and we three take off to get bánh mìs down nearby. Because you should alway be mì-in’.

2:03p. We’re walking outside and my co-workers are bonding and I am quiet and awkward.

2:22p. Arrive at Dragon Eats. I remember, because I looked at my watch. I order a grilled pork bánh mì because it’s the traditional one. Not always a meat reducer. My number is B94.

2:30p. We get our sandwiches and eat at a table by the window (it’s a small restaurant, all the tables are by the window).

3:05p. Arrive back at work and check emails. But it’s a slow day because most people are out a the picnic. I decided not to go because I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed by work and the thought of sleeping in and making progress is comforting to me.

4:30p. I feel ready to be done. But the thing I’m working on feels so awkward. I get feedback from my co-workers. They’re brilliant.

5:29p. Re-publish the changes. Knock out another small project. Answer questions.

6:15p. Update this post. Go back to working.

6:50p. My co-workers get ready to leave and have a beer. Chide me for being here so late.

7:00p. We walk out together but I go to the basement to get my bike. It’s pretty chilly but I ride without my jacket because I’m out of shape and will get warm anyway. I hit a lot of lights which is pretty annoying. You don’t know whether you should pass someone or not. It doesn’t seem worth it because you’re just going to awkwardly meet up at the next light.

7:25p. Arrive home, park my bike and make my way upstairs. I feel pretty gross from huffing around town.

7:27-8:08p.I feel like I should utilize all my gross feelings at once and clean the bathrooms. Friday nightttsssss!

8:09-8:25p. Make, eat, and wash out a bowl of apple oatmeal. Before you think this is sad, let me remind you that I had a giant, delicious bánh mì for late lunch and wasn’t even that hungry. I just thought I should eat something before I go to bed.

8:26-9:34p. I watch the first two episodes of Broad City. My co-workers were talking about TV shows today (not this one, but in general) and it made me feel like I was so behind on TV. I watch no TV and don’t know how anyone has time for it. I decided to watch this one because I’ve heard good things about it and because I actually thought it was the one with Amy Schumer, which I’ve heard things about. Their first episode (where they’re cleaning the creepy man’s house) is one of the few times I’ve ever seen a realistic/normal looking woman’s body on TV. Specifically the only time it’s not for a Dove commercial where everyone’s freaking out about how brave these women are for owning bodies…

9:35p. I realize I’m super tired and decide to go to bed. Treat yoself!

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