I’d be shunned by Schön right now

One of the big differences between school and work for me is I have less time to reflect on my work. Instead of the teacher asking you ‘why’ and wanting to hear your answer, you get more of people asking ‘why’ as an opener for their idea. I’ve been working on this project lately and realizing how little…

I’ve been here for a year

A year, a month, and 10 days, actually. You know (you. know.) how much I love milestones, so I gotta say something. Also, my birthday was a couple months ago. Also also, for some reason my high school graduating class’ facebook kicked up again reminding me that it’s almost been 10 years since we graduated and…

Week in the life, Day 7

Yay! Last day. I’m definitely ready for this writing exercise to be over. As much as its been nice getting to write again (it has!) it’s also time consuming to remember and write about each day in a timely manner. Last post! I’m not sure how representative this week is because I think I had more planned…

Week in the life, Day 5

Holy cow. I made it to day 5. Whodathunk? Summary: Work, lunch, sleep People I talked to: Katie, Sarah, Grant, mentee #2, Chris, Vinita, Matt, Christy Me, not able to sleep at night. My room is actually not that dark but mostly orange with the eery glow of the streetlamp. Day 5, Thursday

Week in the life, Day 4

Me not publishing until the afternoon is probably pretty telling of what my day was like yesterday. Summary: Work, dinner with a friend, life changed by podcasts, sleep People I talked to: Katie, Sarah, Vinita, Zach, Chris, Dan, and Christy Christy and I splitting a bibimbap Day 4, Wednesday

Week in the life, Day 3

Summary: Work, watched Swiss Army Man, drinks, what the youths call “chilling”, and more work. People talked to: Katie, Sarah, Vinita, Grant, Joseph, Dina, Chris, Gil Sitting on my bench, texting Sarah on my way home. Day 3, Tuesday

Empty pictures

Hi. It’s me. I’ve been away, but okay. I’m sorry, but in May I didn’t have the energy to write anymore after work (which was usually late o’clock anyway), nor the desire to look at a computer during my free time. I also went to Barcelona.

Bustling thoughts: the decision happened without you

It’s either clear that philosophy really affects me or that I’m a philosophical person. Something else that I always keep in mind that my philosophy professor (you sh/could add the word “design” in there somewhere, but ‘philosophy’ is more appropriate) made an offhand comment in class once that it’s difficult to actually remember the point…