“Summer of happiness” movie

I put together this movie from the very random shots I took this summer. I wish I had held the camera better and that there was a better narrative…but you have to start from somewhere!


summer of glück (and luck) from Jacklynn on Vimeo.

Igor pointed out that this blog seemed to have veered away from my intention of talking about myself less and thinks that I was inspired by more. I kind of feel that way when I put up things like recipes or talk about what I did this weekend instead of creating more entries for the “learning” or “design” sections.

But, you know, sometimes having a blog and maintaining it is difficult. Even if you want to write, finding the time isn’t easy. I think even posting on the things that doesn’t interest most people (my day) still is an exercise for me in accountability. For me, keeping this blog makes me a more reflective and optimistic person. And that’s a small token of inspiration and learning for me. Something to work on, in 2015, I guess.


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