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  • “Summer of happiness” movie

    I put together this movie from the very random shots I took this summer. I wish I had held the camera better and that there was a better narrative…but you have to start from somewhere!


    summer of glück (and luck) from Jacklynn on Vimeo.

    Igor pointed out that this blog seemed to have veered away from my intention of talking about myself less and thinks that I was inspired by more. I kind of feel that way when I put up things like recipes or talk about what I did this weekend instead of creating more entries for the “learning” or “design” sections.

    But, you know, sometimes having a blog and maintaining it is difficult. Even if you want to write, finding the time isn’t easy. I think even posting on the things that doesn’t interest most people (my day) still is an exercise for me in accountability. For me, keeping this blog makes me a more reflective and optimistic person. And that’s a small token of inspiration and learning for me. Something to work on, in 2015, I guess.


  • My Appenzell weekend (and cows)



    One of my favorite weekends this summer was when we went to Appenzell. This magical like place in Northeastern Switzerland. Jenny had picked the route and I met her friend Becca during the trip, who I ended up being pretty good friends with during the summer. It was a lovely weekend for the trip and early in the morning we took the train towards St. Gallen . We were going to to hike up to Seealpsee lake and have a brief picnic and swim before hiking to the top and taking the last gondola down. Becca & Jenny slept most of the way and they missed a beautiful views. 

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  • Summer, Week 3: Along the lake

    Kids playing on top of the perfect fort.

    I didn’t keep my promise. I never went back and told you about my summer, did I? I’m going to try to write a little bit this morning since I don’t want to do real work anyway.

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  • I’m sorry, for you and me

    10511458_10100626418709313_366019180348258874_oSo sometimes I disappear for a while and the come crawling back humbly. But this time I feel like I have a pretty good excuse besides the typical lack-of-time squeaky-wheel chatter that you’re used to. My computer is broken. If you’re like “didn’t you just get the hard drive replaced?” Then you’re right, I did. But this time it’s the logic board for $550. Regardless of whether I do decide to fix it or get a new computer, it’s going to have to wait until I go back to the United States.   So sorry I haven’t been keeping you updated and posting more pictures, but I’ve been working early and late and leaving on the weekends. Here’s one picture of my weekend in Lake Como, in Italy (in addition to the dog one above). 10541443_10100626420336053_9111281077574226664_o Read more

  • And so begins my summer…

    View from the Grössmunster bell tower

    When I studied German in high school I was always confused by the word glück. It means happiness and luck and I never knew when to use one or the other. It’s most often translated as “happy.” But how do you say you’re lucky? I asked my host and she gave me very thoughtful response to what the difference between luck and happiness was in general. And when I asked if the different meanings—luck and happiness—are held within the same word in German, after a pause, she said she thought that yes, they were used in the same word: glück .  You say you ‘have glück’ (haben glück) to indicate luck and when you are happy, you are just glücklich.

    Isn’t that interesting? Maybe it means you are always lucky to be happy and that you should always be grateful because it’s just by chance that you are happy. Maybe we put too much emphasis on having bad luck in English.

    I think I’m going to call this the summer of glück because I have never felt so lucky—or happy.

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  • I’m probably going to melt

    It’s 95 degrees and we don’t have air conditioning in our apartment. We’re on the top floor and my bedroom is the very crown of the house. I am melting. I do not do well in heat. I wilt. I can’t be productive at all. I open my computer and boot up the design program and stare at it. It stares back at me and we agree that no one will get anything done in this condition. We promise ourselves that the next time it’s this hot we’ll walk down the block to the sanctuary of an air conditioned coffee shop. But now, I’m already too destroyed by heat to let the public see me and my computer agrees.

    The very least I could do is write a little, right?

    On Friday Mary and four of her friends came down for Denver’s Pride Fest and we went out to eat and generally hit the town. It was so nice to see her again! I hadn’t seen Mary in a year, since I graduated pretty much.

    Then on Saturday I stole away to Laramie to see my dear friend Sarah finally since she returned to Laramie. It was so nice to be with someone who just knows you. None of the awkward boat friendships you get when you move to a new city and you’re trying to figure each other out. We had some coffee, played a lot of badminton in the lovely Wyoming weather. It was very low key but wonderful.

    Ok. My brain is too goopy to process anything else. Hope you’re having a lovely father’s day weekend.


  • The Grand Tetons

    I didn’t want to post an obnoxious amount of pictures, check out the rest on my instagram page.

  • Old friends meet old friends.

    i love the blue skies in wyoming.

    i would love to know the idea behind this.

    missouri meets wyoming.

    allison makes it into the final round of face spoons.

  • Home again

  • I’ve got a ticket to ride

    Sorry, still traveling. I made a quick road trip back down to Denver for an interview (!) and spent the night with the too-kind Susan. Alas, we could only stay one night so that I can drive home. I hope to go home either tomorrow or Friday for sure. It’s been an awesome two weeks+! I feel a bit happier and ready for another round of job-applying-for drudgery.

    In the meantime, enjoy this video Evan showed me. I hope you’re a Beatles fan!