Man was April a rough month. If anyone tells you otherwise they’re lying. I didn’t do much besides work. What is sad (besides sleep deprivation) is that all the second-years are graduating! Pictured of above is Robyn, who I TA-ed under on our last day of class. So sad!



  • The Short Stories, Volume 2. Ernest Hemingway. Finished! I enjoyed it, but I also feel like they were all very melancholy stories.
  • Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior. Ori Brafman &Rom Brafman. I thought this would help me with my studio project where we created something that encourages long-term habit change. It didn’t really apply, but it was pretty interesting and a quick read. While being interesting, probably not the most engagingly written book about applied psychology I could imagine.
  • On Second Thought: Outsmarting Your Mind’s Hard-Wired Habits. Wray Herbert. More of the same, but I think Herbert is a bit more interesting with more substantial examples and case studies. I’m still working my way through this one, but I think it’s almost over and then I might need a short break form applied psychology.


  • Things have been jumbling around as the second years are preparing to graduate, we’re all getting ready for our internships, and change is underway! I guess I’m just madly looking forward for next year more anything. I’m much more excited for my classes.
  • I signed a lease on my apartment next year. I’m excited to have a place to myself next year, though admittedly it feels a long time from now.
  • I’ve been running on the weekends if it’s not raining :)


  • More crocheting when I have the time.
  • Being panicked.
  • Listening to Royals by Lorde.


  • Getting my sleep and work done are seriously conflicting with each other. I’m not looking forward to the amount of work I have left for the rest of the week and I don’t know where to begin. It’s one of those things where you have to outline actionable steps or you don’t know how to approach the problem.
  • Overcommitting myself.


  • The Brothers Size. A play put on by CMU’s theater department. It was really well done. CMU has terrific actors.


  • No time for movies, but I’ve been watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia while I’ve been working on my calligraphy!
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