5: Things left on my Spring To-Do list


  1. Final projects. Sounds simple but it’s 2 programming projects, 1 video sketch, 1 presentation, a seven-stanza poem written into a handmade book in different calligraphy styles (by hand, for calligraphy class), and a 3,000-word final paper
  2. Thesis proposal. Excited, but confused and overwhelmed.
  3. Pack and move all of my stuff into storage. I’m moving out of my apartment for the summer.
  4. Visa and airplane tickets. I want to leave in a little more than 2 weeks and I still have to pick up my visa in Chicago and then get my airplane ticket. Scary.
  5. Solidify final schedule for next semester. Desperately trying to keep from overcommitting myself, failing miserably.


Don’t be fooled, that’s a lot of heartache packed into a 5-item list.

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