2013, you move fast


Sorry for the radio silence for a while. Been having a grand old, hectoic old time as the new year is kicking off. Want to hear about it?

Carissa came to visit for a few weeks, back from China yo. It was so great to see her again! She’s just too much class to handle. Sarah came for a few days! Have been hanging out with new and old friends more…a lot of holiday stuff.

As per usual, I’ll make my list:

01. Carissa & I went to the Mercury Cafe to hang out on the first night she was in town. She got her cards read.


02. We ate ridiculous foods. Salmon salad & avocados with lentil soup. Mushroom quinoa, sweet potatoes, and pan-friend brussel sprouts with prosciutto. Vegan, oil-free pancakes—apple sauce substituted for the oil (pictured).

03. Frequented the Clyfford Still Museum. Great stuff! I really like him (pictured).

04. Watched Les Miserables, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and Salmon Fishing in Yemen. All really great movies in different ways. You should check them out!

03. Wonderful presents from Carissa & Sarah. Middle picture is me wearing Sarah’s present (Homemade Mustard sweater!!) and Sarah wearing one of Carissa’s gifts to her. We both ended up wearing our scarves that night. Everyone was jealous of our fancy-fanc silk China scarves.

04. Carissa and I had a late start to New Years. We tried to go dancing but couldn’t find parking to we went to a house party. See that picture of us with the party decoration? From across the room I was alarmed that it was almost midnight and had to stop myself from asking “Is that clock accurate?” Of course…it’s not. They aren’t even moveable hands. Happened. It was an 80s themed party, thus the side pony tail.

05. For Christy’s birthday Dina and I treated to afternoon tea at The House of Commons which was just the cutest thing. It was like a little corner of England in Denver.

07. Sarah came on Thursday and it was simply lovely seeing her again! She is the most wonderful. We got sushi and then went to a few bars around South Broadway.

08. Have been SO stressed with so much work that I want to crawl under a table and take stress-induced naps. Deep breaths!

09. Got to see Miss Susan a lot too since we were hanging out with Carissa. Had a lovely salmon and risotto dinner at her house the night before we left.

10. Happy New Year’s, you lovely people.

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