After over a year…and months after I planned to…I am so happy to show you all my new website! I need to polish up some things and trim some of the loose edges, but tah-da! What’s even better is that it didn’t break my blog!

My old website had been the bane of my existence since I completed it last year. With many a chagrined tire-kick and downward glance at my shoes would I admit to other people that, yes, I did have a website, but that it was “a little” out of date.

It’s a struggle for designers to create their own branding. I think I finally forced myself to sit in front of my computer a few months ago. I thought I would start with a logo. Makes sense right? It would drive the feel of the rest of the website.

Man was it hard.

At first I thought I would maintain the concept from my old website, but add a little happy to it:

(Thanks, Kyle. For that)

Ok, ok, I know when it’s being a little forced. So I just played around some more. I really like bright colors and interaction so then I came up with this:


I actually still like this, but the people have spoken.

So I let it sit for a while. A long while. I somehow muster the courage to carry on with my day-to-day life with this ominous project following me around. I even had this simple little grid layout picked out for the website that I could just wedge a logo into. Something wasn’t feeling right though. I didn’t like the idea of just settling into something easy. There’s simple because it’s elegant and then there’s simple because it’s easy and I was pretty sure my idea was falling into the latter category.

One day I just had the epiphany that I could just do a little “about me” infographic instead and there didn’t have be a logo, per se. Long story short, everything eventually fell into place and I was off and running. Not only was I extremely excited to start working through my ideas, but I was having truly enjoying myself. Unlike the painful pixel-Tetris I was doing before with logo designs, I was completely enveloped in working on this new website. Not sleeping, working after work, making multi-colored to-do lists for weeks…

But now I finally need to just throw it out there and get thoughtful feedback from other people. So here goes!


Celebrating my website being done with Mustard after work.


Your Turn: