5: Hours of sleep…

Oh man, guys, after today I will have worked an 80-hour work week. Feels like I’m in school again!

What’ I’ve been up to…


01. My new website, of course. It’s eaten my life. I still need to make business cards, but it seriously is such a relief not to have that eyesore anymore.

02. Coincidentally, I received four requests on Tuesday from four different people who had “emergency” design requests that all need to be done..in like two days. Three logos and one advertisement. One of them is 10x more difficult than I thought it would be and I’ve already spent hours doodling in my notebooks for it.#FirstWorldProblems

03. Meanwhile, I had already promised an invitation to be completed by this Friday (I just sent in my draft this morning. You know I mean 3:30am right?). I liked how it turned out a lot, I try to learn something new for projects where I get a lot of creative license and I learned how to do two new things on Illustrator. Exciting!

04. Created two mobile websites whilst working with a new client. Still working out the kinks, but it was interesting. Don’t be impressed, I used a mobile-website builder.

05. Request to design a t-shirt for a major concert. This sounds really fun. I just hope I’m allowed enough time to do a good job.


I’ve decided, starting in 2013 I’m going to have to be more stern against these last-minute requests. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, I usually really do. The plain fact-of-the-matter is that good design takes time. The more time and thought you let me have, the more that will show up in the end. For the most part, I’m not as proud of the work I have to do when I’m rushed. I think people have the tendency to ask for “a quick ____” meaning: “make it simple because I don’t want to pay a lot.” But making something simple—reduced, elegant, impressive—can take even more time. It’s a compromise for me and my clients that leaves both parties a little unsatisfied. Right? Right.

That’s the plan, anyway. I just want to help everyone always, so I’m not confident in my ability to be a gatekeeper.

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