How many posts about this are you going to see? Probably a ton.

Here’s the costume I made at the last moment, but who am I kidding: I really liked it. I already had my obnoxious gingham dress and so, inspired my costume last year, I made my own riding hood Saturday morning. And thanks, Dollar Tree, for having baskets.

Sewing is a lot of fun, I just wish I was better at it. It’s so crazy to slowly watch a pile of fabric turn into something. I followed these instructions. They were super easy if you ever decide that you too need a hood! instead of making a tie I decided to go with these weird Roman-esk buttons that were on clearance at Jo-Anne’s. (I sewed one on each side and made a loop of fabric that I sewed onto one side. So I just had to toggle the button on one side. Pretty sneaky, Sis.)

So Halloweekend….it was interesting. It takes enormous willpower from me not to run up to Laramie and have wild amounts of fun and instead stay in Denver and make painful small talk with new people. But I’m in it to win it :).

Friday: As my first official act of bowing out, I stayed home. It felt really nice. I was super tired anyway so was just going to watch a movie, but I soon realized that I was even too exhausted for that. Like a champ, I ended up reading in bed until I fell asleep (an embarrassing 15 minutes later).

Saturday: Gosh do I have the most flaky friends. I had so many maybes and was trying so hard not to do anything else with work people, but oh well. Again, I’m pretty sure the people I work with are the coolest people I will ever meet in my life (can’t say that enough, if you haven’t noticed), but I need some separation and I need people I can just relax around. It was quite an interesting night…we bopped around a few bars, did some walking, a smattering of dancing. You know how it goes. My first holiday in a city! It was pretty sleazy.

Which brings me today: I am disproportionately happy for my friend to be back from his trip home. I’m going to leave to pick him up from the airport soon! People who get you <3.

Happy Halloween!

>> If you need something to munch on tomorrow, you must make these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies, they are amazing! I want to make them and bring them to work, but let’s see how motivated I end up being after hanging out with Matt.

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