5: Things you are going to find out

How many posts about being new to Denver can you make until you’re not new to Denver? I think this one is probably it. It’s a lot to take in though: Finished school. Started work. Meeting so many new people. New fish. New car. New places. Exciting right?

I’ve been putting myself out into the world, quite happily, but now I think I am going to jauntily put my hat back on and step out of the ring. If you’re going to meet and like me, here are five things you’re going to find out.

01 | Like the Platte River, my interests are wide, but not deep. Not that I don’t want them to be deep, they just don’t happen to be. I have a sincere interest in a vast amount of things from economics, to carpentry, to design, to mountain climbing, to making origami bats, to drinking tea, to philosophy, to just being ridiculously pointless. Try me. I think it’s why I get a long with a variety of people.

02 | Humor will go a long way. Does anyone not like funny people? Doubtful. Dry, biting, sarcastic, and witty. If this is you, we should hang out. I can’t claim that I’m funny, but I can say that a lot of people enjoy laughing at me. So there’s that.

03 | I’m a manic text-er. A communication, aficionado if you will. I’m so good at “keeping in touch” with people, that I apologize in advance for freaking you out.

04 | It’s hip to be square.  I’m a dork. Couldn’t be cool, calm, and collected if I tried. But it’s fun. If I ever stop being absurdly excited about things, it’s probably because I’m about to die. If I stop being curious, it’s because I’m having an aneurism.  If I say something that’s not awkward, it’s because I’m actually not talking at all and you’re just hearing a mouse squeak somewhere in the walls.

05 | I’ve got pluck. Despite the fact that I like to dress up and that playing Angry Birds makes me uncomfortable (I just feel horrible projecting a poor creature into a building!) I am always so excited for any adventure. Even if I pretend I’m not, I probably secretly am dying to. I’d be missing out otherwise! I’m small, not an invalid. Yes, Matt, I’m thinking of you doubting my ability to clamor over a ruddy fence.


If you can deal with this, I like you already.

I’m sorry: this post makes me feel narcissistic. But I’ve done it with good reason. I’m so worn out with meeting new people that I’m just ready to wear a sign that has my biography on it. Can we just bypass all of that and be friends? Thanks!

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