The Impossible Project: Camera Kit

The Impossible Project is a campaign/company trying to keep instant Polaroid photography alive by providing, among other things, the film. After purchasing my first film from them for my new camera, they sent me a newsletter telling me about their latest project.

They have restored and refurbished 50 of the 200 Sx-70 cameras which they have collected and are offering them to the public in a kit that includes the camera,  a manual, 2 packs of film, a CD, and a 1-year warranty. All for only $307!

Seriously? As I was reading this, I was excited over the thought of restored cameras. But that cost seems unbelievable to me. Especially when I still hope to find one in a thrift store for 8 bucks. I was a little pained to think that they took 200 cameras out of the market to re-sell in the first place. I’d like to think this is just a side operation so that they can stay in business and I still think they’re doing something really neat.  Plus it’s probably expensive to repair them (unless they were buying working ones in the first place!).

In lighter news, I think I’m going to name my camera Dave.

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