All is forgiven

I just received my film from the Impossible Project today. My camera works and I’m in love! The pictures didn’t turn out great, but I’ll try to post them later (when I have access to a scanner).

In the meantime, I am attempting to write a paper due on Wednesday and my summer class starts this Monday. Hopefully this means I’ll stop obsessively posting.

Recent movies:

Tokyo Story {Yasujiro Ozu} Somewhat slow story which doesn’t seem to have a point. Evan said this was the only movie he’s watched by Ozu that wasn’t awesome.

The Man Who Wasn’t There {Coen Brothers} Very good film noir.

Goodbye, Lenin {Wolfgang Becker} Cute foreign film. I had the soundtrack so I thought I should see the movie.

(I’m not really a movie buff, but I’ve been on a roll lately)

ps. sorry for another text-heavy post. But I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for me to post movie posters. I know because I just tried and the site stopped me…

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