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  • Work metaphors

    I didn’t make it in time for your Friday 5, but I have 8 drawings to maybe make up for it. Since working I’ve started hearing the same phrases over and over again and I couldn’t help thinking about visualizing them the other day.

    These are apparently the things I do at work.


  • I went to the museum yesterday


    It was the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History. I mostly went for the art part, but got lost and wandered through a small part of the natural history museum.

    It was my “do things you like” day in order to re-invigorate me for next week. Since I have the time right now I should be making the most of it. CMU students get free admissions to major museums in town so why not? I have realized recently that I get the most out of museums of I get the audio tour guide because I really like hearing more about the pieces. I like the feeling of getting a secret little story. One day I should try going on a full tour.

    It was a pleasant way to spend the morning and I’m glad  went.

    I was alarmed about how big birds are from how big you think they should be. Not just ones we’re told are huge, but even penguins, sea gulls, and turkeys. When I went passed a taxidermied emu it was like…I could almost ride that….so I could probably definitely ride an ostrich. (Thus the picture).

    It was also so neat to see the birds of paradise on display. Seeing their feathers up close is unreal. Check out some doing their mating dances from our dear friend David Attenborough, or see the whole 1-hour episode here.

    Anyway, thought I would pop and kind of smooth over my last, post with a happier one. Tomorrow is my department’s orientation and I’m so excited to meet everyone!

  • Is that what they do in Nebraska?

    I am typing to you with dilated pupils after leaving the optometrist’s office minutes ago. I know it seems like an extremely banal topic, but it was unexpectedly uncomfortable and surprisingly reflects how I feel about Pittsburgh so far. Nothing has met my expectations. Things have either been better (can’t complain there) or worse.*

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