Oh my goodness, can you believe it’s already July?! My summer is leaking.



  • Little Dorrit. Charles Dickens. Enjoying this long narrative that is so like his other rag-to-richest story for those pure of heart.
  • The Design of Everyday Things (revised edition). Don Norman. Neglectfully, not making any progress on this book.
  • Swiss Watching. Diccon Bewes. My co-worker lent this to me and I started reading it on my trip to Vienna. It’s really interesting but also a little embarrassing to read on a train with a bunch of Swiss people. I felt like I was reading a book called “How to Spy on People.”


  • I am really enjoying the Material Design project I’m working on. And I’m giving a workshop on AfterEffects. I’m nervious-excited-nervous-excited for it.
  • Still more traveling to go, but I’m also regretfully not very good at planning ahead.
  • Oh, and I’m 25 now.


  • Working on a secret project 😉
  • I was able to connect to Netflix this weekend and I watched so many movies. So. Many. Movies.


  • NOT WORKING ON MY THESIS AT ALL. Ahhh! Not good, not good.
  • Not reading nearly enough! I literally wake up exhausted, go to work, work late, sometimes get to exercise, go home, handle errands  and it somehow turns into 1am. It’s insane. My life has designed itself without my consent.
  • I’m passed the halfway point. What does that mean?!
  • I miss my friends dearly.
  • I’m tired every day. :/


  • Vienna, Austria
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Nairobi, Kenya  (barely)
  • Art Basel, in Basel, of course!
  • Seealpsee in Appenzell, the smallest canton in Switzerland famous for not giving women the right to vote until 1991.


  • I’m on a bit of British kick in honor of Charles Dickens…An Education, a movie about a British student who gets involved with an older man.
  • Mansfield Park. Hadn’t read the book, but I don’t care for Jane Austen that much anyway.
  • BBC’s Pride & Prejudice.  Even after saying that, I had to watch all 6 hours of Pride & Prejudice in one day. I think most girls are supposed to be Elizabeth (or Jane, if they’re lucky). I’m definitely Mr. Darcy.

Until next time, chickadees!

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