What I know now // 026

What San Francisco Looked Like Before The Dot-Coms Invaded (via Design.Co). Beautiful pictures that I clicked on out of guilt.

Mother Tongues. Super neat infographic breaking down languages across the world in different ways.whatiknownowbanner-01



  • The weirdest friendships you find yourself in once you hit 30. Grant shared this with me and it’s so appropriate to the all the life stuff happening to me right now. The sheer loneliness of being in a new city without any of your close friends. In fact, it’s difficult to talk to your close friends because the time zone + working make a pretty big difference…It’s a long article and probably only interesting to people who are being thoughtful about friendships right now.
  • The Rhino Hunter (Radio Lab). This is a segment that tells the hunter’s side of the story, specifically the hunter who was (in)famous for buying a permit to shoot an endangered black rhino. I really loved this segment because it told the side of a story I never here. It reminded me how important is to know all the context before making a judgment. All of our media sites are able to just give us the stories we’re most likely to click on or reflect our current interests, but it’s so important to continually challenge our beliefs, too. Don’t get stuck inside your own social bubble.



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