Dear 2015,

Thank you for coming in with a smile.

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I just spent the loveliest week with some of my best friends as Katie, Shanna, and I all made the cold trek to see Sarah and James in Chicago. We’re friends from college in Wyoming and it’s kind of incredible to reflect on how many experiences we’ve shared since we’ve known each other. How much we’ve changed and learned from each other—or, at the very least, I’ve learned so much from them.

Sarah was such a generous and thoughtful host. Even though she was tremendously busy with her own work and life, she made time for us planning a lovely evening and tasty foods for every evening. And yet…its strange that even when things don’t go as planned they turn our perfectly, isn’t it?

We went to this really entertaining marching band band at the Double Doors for New Year’s Eve. We met Sarah’s kind boyfriend and Ricky’s lovely friends. I played board games even. We had scrumptious Thai food with Sarah’s family and got to meet her really interesting cousins. We went to the Chicago Art Institute’s Museum and soaked up their amazing pieces (I went twice!). We got to go to the talented James’ restaurant and commiserate.

I also met up with my cousins in Wood Dale to see how they’ve enjoyed the move to Chicago. They’re life seems fabulous. I don’t know, when I think about growing up I can only see how I grew up. I knew she grew up in Nebraska too and yet, here she is raising her kids outside of a big city like Chicago. Maybe it’s a thing that people can do.

We made this Poppin’ Cookin’ Japanese candy kit that was totally crazy. You turn these different powders into other things like magic.


After the gals left, Sarah and I also went to a poetry slam at Green Mill and this incredible Salonathon at Beauty Bar, both which happen every week. It was kind of like the life I want to lead. It made me anxious both the make creative things with my life and to get settled in a city where I can do things like this on the regular. I was so happy & content to be sitting in those venues listening to these artists.

I can’t wait for what 2015 has in store!!


I just have to get through grad school first…

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  1. Carissa says:

    The post we were all waiting for.

    Yay 2015!

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