5: Things that are different



  1. Snails! I’ve never seen so many snails in my life! They come out when it rains. (for the record, I only moved the ones that were easy to move. If they were super suctiony I didn’t moved them because I don’t know the snail rules and I felt like it might hurt them).
  2. Everything closes early, especially on the weekends if they’re open at all.
  3. I love their faucets! They’re this bar that reminds me of a spaceship thruster. They make it super easy to change the velocity of the water. Or maybe it’s just more fun to me. And they have button light switches.
  4. The public transportation is a dream come true.
  5. It’s never felt chaotic or congested.

And there’s a bunch of other European stuff, but those were the things I first come to my mind.

More snails! Meow.


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