5: Goals for the summer

2014-05-23 14.39.04
Photo from Üetliberg yesterday, from our team hike up for dessert at a restaurant at the top. 

  1. Learn, question, help, and rock-out-loud at my internship. So far Ive been really excited about the overlap my internship has been having with my interests, thesis, and projects for next year. What luck!
  2. Practice German. Trying to try, except that Swiss-German is spoken here, not standard German. But I can always practice my written comprehension. I wanted to practice by translating books over the summer, and what luck but my host insisted that I go through her library and borrow books.
  3. Travel & Explore. I feel like everyone has been asking about my travel plans for the summer are. My general plan is: I plan to travel, I don’t plan to plan. Plus, I have to wait until I get my bank account set up, which is taking longer than I thought it would. But next week, probably, and then I’m off. I’m excited to explore Switzerland as well.
  4. Project Lemon website. I volunteered to help out with an innovation sprint next year by doing their design and website. You know, because over-committing is kind of my thing. So I have to work on it over the summer. Eep! I’m excited about what I envision for the design, but I need to make sure I really schedule my days more precisely. I’ve kind of been letting my internship take over my life.
  5. Research for my independent study. I’m doing an independent study next year helping out a startup dealing with emerging markets and  small businesses. It doesn’t officially start until next semester, but I do want to do some light reading around the subject as well since it overlaps with my internship this summer. How lucky am I?
  6. Research, read, and revise for my thesis. Truly and really need to do this. Especially getting my IRB in order!
  7. Update website. I want to add and improve some things on my portfolio. Will I have time? Let’s see.

Notice ‘rest & relaxation’ isn’t on the list? It never is!


Your Turn:
  1. Sarah says:

    You forgot eating! You need to eat so much delicious food! You’re in Europe!

  2. Jacklynn says:

    I don’t think you realize how expensive food is here. I sign the bills with my tears.