Alright, I went out the country (see my previous blog post), had 12 interviews, and picked a thesis topic. Basically February came at me like a ravenous lion.



  • The Dubliners. James Joyce. Finished. I think, like Ulysses, I’ll have to read again sometime to understand it all.
  • The Sound and the Fury. William Faulkner.  Finished and really liked it. Super interesting perspectives. Was not at all what I thought it was going to be about. Sometimes I get this really hard set imaginations on what I think things are about and I don’t know where they come from and they’re always way off. Like when I thought Rambo was a Western.


  • A lot of Devandra Banhart. Try ‘At the Hop.’


  • I had a surprisingly great time at the career fair. I mean, not every interview went swimmingly, but I had a phone interview afterwards that I had to have a mini power-dance session afterwards because I  was so filled with adrenaline. I like what I’m doing and I’m excited for to do more!
  • My thesis. Right?! RIGHT?! Who saw that coming? I stopped fighting and just gave in and am indulging in my passion for language and design for my thesis topic. This came out during confluence as well. I love my English major and believe it has brought so much to my work as a designer that I want to kind of bring that thought process to my thesis work. I haven’t narrowed it down yet, but kind how interaction  with designed objects are kind of like a conversation and we, as designers, should make them really good conversations. I hope I get to read a bunch of linguistic books. 


  • I am still constantly tweaking my portfolio. I want to tweak so much more.  
  • Trader Joe’s coco almond butter on rice cakes. I swear I don’t put more than the recommended serving size though.


  • This semester is going by in such a blur right now and I barely have time to eat between classes, meetings, and homework. February in particular has been heinous. They had so much due in one little month! But at the same time, I’m proud of myself for keeping up with the work and not procrastinating. 


  • Paris!
  • Amsterdam!
  • Interaction14 conference!


  • Jeff Who Lives at HomeI watched this while I worked on my calligraphy homework since Netflix was relentlessly recommending it to me. It was pretty cute.
  • Missrepresentation. Really wonderful documentary on portrayals of women in the media that I highly recommend. I watched this while I finished up my calligraphy homework. Thanks for the recommendation Carissa & Sarah.
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