No, I haven’t done my taxes yet

Right now I’m nursing a green-white tea blend bleary-eyed at my computer. I fight off illnesses with mass quantities of tea. It usually works. I think I’d be better right now if I hadn’t gone out today. Does that make it ok that I didn’t post anything on Friday?

On Friday I was helping out with this event (I feel like I could have helped out more, but no one would give me things to do!) and I designed this poster. What do you think?

It was a great turn out. And I think, yet another first, I didn’t feel like I was a painful wallflower at a party I didn’t really want to be at. I had people visit me and generally spend most of the time with three other lovely people. Most of which I met within the last two weeks…great right?!

I spent most of the weekend reading. I officially have finished all three books in The Hunger Games. I’m not going to add any additional recommendations to the ones you’ve already heard. There was nothing extremely special about the books, but it was just a good story to absorb myself in.

I now have a accumulated a backlog of actually exciting things I want to write about…I hope I get to them before they become irrelevant…

Groggily, Jacklynn


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