no. 7: PBS OffBook

This one just snuck in around lunch time:

I’m feeling a little mentally exhausted. There are too many things that I find inspiration in and it’s getting a bit time consuming. I might to have to start being inspiring.

PBS Offbooks YouTube Channel.

UPDATE: I really think there’s something to this gif thing adding a new dimension in the way you view and “image” and how you feel about it. I mean, they showed a bunch of artsy photos with people hair blowing (which I was kind of like |:/ about), but what I really appreciate are these:

They’re silly, they mostly deal with experiences I don’t really relate to, but I’m completely addicted to them. Why? Because the series of images convey the emotion, bring context to the caption and you experience. Very interesting. Well, at least for someone who did some brief research on visual rhetoric.

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