5: Thoughts on yogurt

So, after a lifetime of mild distaste, I’ve began eating yogurt nearly every day for lunch at work for a couple of weeks now. I know you, my most avid blog followers, (snort) instantly recalled that yogurt makes me uncomfortable because I think about the living organisms contained within screaming for mercy as the spoon comes near my mouth. So why did I start eating it? To be honest: it seemed like both The Girl and The Adult thing to do. Oh, you’re a degree-having lady? The yogurt is in the back by the milk.

I feel compelled to write about yogurt once and for all for the sake of the public so that I can stop tweeting about it. Seriously, I think about yogurt entirely too much.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned:

01. I still don’t really like the taste and have to put at minimum a hefty ratio of granola in it. Preferably also fruit.

02. “Fruit on the Bottom”? What a joke. What a terrible, terrible joke. Lies!

03. I dislike it when it slides out of the container in one large chunk leaving no residue and maintains it’s spherical shape outside of the point-of-impact zone.

04. I tried Greek yogurt and liked it even less. Maybe it was just a bad experience.

05. You have to clean out the container before you recycle it. Come on people!–If there are food remnants on your recyclables (Pizza Boxes, I’m looking at you) they’re no good. I mean, I guess plastic can be washed, but cardboard’s a no-go.


Done and done. These are thoughts that I have on yogurt.

Your Turn: