Old chair, new chair

Matt and I were super productive today. It’s when two metal types hang out together. I was on a mission to find an guest chair for my office and a shelf. So first we hit up some thrift stores (actually, a lot of thrift, antique, and vintage stores). We scored these wooden chairs for an amazing $4.30! Then Matt worked his magic and reupholstered mine! Yeah, even though I only needed one, Matt bought the other one because I didn’t think they’d want to be separated. He even picked out the fabric because he is into decorating and has a vision for my office that I can’t see yet. It’s probably for the best because I will always go for a muted color palette.

Don’t they look great? Matt spent two years in New York, where, among other things, he worked for a furniture reupholsterer. He’s a pretty crafty guy. Matt is keeping the green vinyl on his because he thinks it feng shui’s with  his apartment.

We also went to IKEA in record time. I bought at $15 shelf for my office and a stupid E17 lightbulb for the lamp that I bought last week that they don’t have in regular, American stores. We had some Vietnamese food at a new place next to JoAnne’s fabrics called Pho Vy. It was pretty good. We both had enormous amounts of food plus smoothies for $20.

Matt is going for an industrial look for his apartment and bought this beat-up trunk for $7:

If you were wondering if he got that plant & pot from IKEA, the answer is yes.

My office is slowly coming together. Since it’s in the basement and I can’t get a plant, I anticipate buying a fish since they are pretty much high-maintenance plants. I’ve never had a fish before, but I hope my fish-care skills are better than my non-existent green thumb.

Anyway, so I feel bad that, yet again there was no Friday 5, but I feel like I’ve been having crazy weeks for like 3 months straight. Like immediately after work yesterday I went gallivanting around with some new friends. Maybe I’ll write up a post about it tomorrow. Would that make up for my fickleness?

*Sorry for the crappy photos. I took these pictures with my fancy-schmancy new smart phone. They are actually pretty similar to my normal photos which is sad.

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