5: Mobile memories

I’m realizing how much my new smart phone is facilitating my already acute obsession with the internet…but hey, more photos for you!




01| Last week I played glow-in-the-dark put-put golf with Kyle (so many hyphens!). I haven’t played for YEARS but I totally killed him. I ended up below par! (51 -2, if you couldn’t read)

02| Carved pumpkins with people from work. Trying to fit in (not really fitting in). Mine is the angry old man on the right. Had a great time with Kelly, Kaitlyn, Nick, and Kyle (different from mini-golfer). Mmm, and chili.

03| “Brinner,” breakfast for dinner, at Annie’s Cafe & Bar on Colfax with Kyle (mini-golf, not chili-maker) and two of his friends from high school. Ate like I would never get to eat again. This is a picture from a Halloween drawing contest they’re just starting. Jacob, age four, drew this little beaut’.

04| Had lunch at The Buckhorn Exchange. THE COOLEST RESTAURANT EVER. It’s like Laramie’s Buckhorn bar times elevendy. I’ve already been there twice (this week…).

05|The only live footage of Mustard and the late GK!

{coming soon…it’s downloading and I’m need to meet up with Mr. Matt for some cheap Chinese food!}

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