Metal has never been so un-metal

Feeling a bit re-energized after a mixed Saturday followed by a super Sunday morning of finding Bob’s blog about his amazing adventures in Spain. My friends are such great writers, I’m thankful to those of you who struggle through each one of my illiterate posts.

So Saturday:

I wasn’t going to post a picture, but web usability tells me that I need pictures and I don’t have pictures of anything else. Your welcome, web users!

At 11:00 am I took a $50 cab ride to a dealership on Federal (if you’re in Denver, you know about Federal dealerships). It was the most stereotypical dealership I can imagine. It was like stepping back into the 60s. Wood paneling, the weird vinyl kitchen table, and those old-school wool square chairs that were so old that they sunk in from lack of padding. There were taxidermied fish on the walls and sayings about how much they didn’t like work. Weird.

Four hours later I had a car. Yes, four hours. I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to go, but I’m so passive. I think car-buying dynamics are so bizarre. You’re in this position where you both need something from the other person but have to pretend you don’t. It’s this clumsy tango dance between you and the dealer.

It has low miles – DUN – There are scratches in the paint – DUN – It’s still under warranty – DUN – Is that dog hair in the back? – DUN DUN and turn

Can you take $1,000 off – DUN – I’ll meet you halfway – DUN – Does that include the dealer fees? – DUN – I’ll meet you halfway on that too – DUN – Full tank of gas? – DUN  – No – DUN – Deal. – And dip


So anyway, now I have a car and a bunch of corresponding papers to go with the car and a bunch of paperwork ahead of me as I try to figure out what car owners do with their cars.

On the car ride home, I got a text from Crystal asking if I was up for hanging out with the Tour de Fat gang. I was! Because it was no longer an hour and a half bus ride to see them! We had delicious, delicious Mexican food at Las Margaritas by Matt’s house. My fautas were divine. I ate half preparing for a delicious follow-up today. But of course, I forgot it at the restaurant. Oh well.

Afterwards, they we got a couple of 6-packs and kicked-back at Matt’s with with his deer head named Clarence. Since Matt and Crystal are studying acupuncture, we ended up taking a super long quiz to find out what our element was. I’m strongest in metal, followed by water, and the lowest in wood. Which makes sense. Metal is basically the overachieving nerd and wood is basically the Evan Major. The person who doesn’t care what other people thinks and gives his/her middle finger to the world. We decided that we would all work on our weakest elements for the next time we meet. In fact, they tried to get me to give them the middle finger. It didn’t work. Crystal and Matthew (aka Thunda) both agreed that metal (the element they were deficient in) was the lamest and they wanted no part of it.

Good times.

Right now, I’m feeling super lazy. Slight headache from recovering from a cold and I feel after a high-strung previous week, I’m just ready to take things easy. When will there be easy-taking? Someone tell me!

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