Night at the cabin

Evan’s family owns a cabin in Lousiville, NE (population: 1,146) that his grandpa built with his bare, grandpa hands. It’s Evan’s favorite place on earth.  It’s a sacred place where you are isolated from the real world in order to immerse yourself into some amalgamation of the pastoral and the wild. Last night was a very strange night at the cabin. For one thing and old acquaintance was visiting Nebraska from Thailand.

Natt & Savannah in the cabin. I just got out my fancy Canon and the setting were quite off…

Another thing that was not very typical was that Evan’s new friend, Joe, made the most opulent, 16-course Southern French dinner that any of us could imagine. I think I speak for all of us when I say that, individually, every adjective I just used to describe his dinner was new to us.

The cabin benches are not used to such attention.

Caviar? For me?

The cheese platter. Which was around course number 13.

His hand-pitted cherry torte. In the process of demolition.

Gosh. I’ve never lived in such a way. No one told me that their were multiple courses so I ate a lot of the bread with his yummy olive dip during course #1….I was on the verge of bursting the entire night, but I managed somehow to try every single course.

What a lovely evening with good company. Back to reality!

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