5: “The little things”



Like a lot of my recent-graduate friends, I’ve been having a somewhat tumultuous summer. Full of confusion, heart-break, frustration, and general stress. In such occasions as these, it’s best to remember and relish the little things that make you happy. These are mine, I encourage you to think of yours.

01 | Getting a question right during Jeopardy and/or Cash Cab. Before the contestants answer it, preferably.

02 | Thinking I’m singing in pitch for half a second when I’m singing along with my ukulele.

03 | Not checking my phone/facebook for a while and having a message from an old friend when I get back.

04 | Writing with very inky pens.

05 | Getting a lot of views on my blog. I’m a little narcissistic about it.

And, as promised, some of the stickers from the Q-Club, a Japanese photo booth place,  Carissa took me to when I was in Denver last week:

Your Turn: