To Bob, Shakespeare, and girls night!

I had such a wonderful Easter weekend with wonderful, wonderful friends!

Although I know I should just be putting my nose to the grindstone and chugging away at work, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to be with my friends when I know that in two weeks we’ll all be going our separate ways, and especially when I admire them all so much.

Friday: I was feeling kind of gloomy and spent most of the day making up for all the sleep I’ve missed in during the semester (and all the sleep I still have to miss in the next two weeks).  In a pleasant turn of events, however, I ended up going out to celebrate Shanna’s birthday with a little pool (I’m horrible, but Anne and I won a game!) and eating a gourmet hamburger at midnight. No regrets.

Saturday: Carissa and I went to Bob’s house to celebrate both Shakespeare’s birthday and Bob’s Fulbright to teach in Madrid with good Spanish food and wine (or sangria for wimps like me).  We ate, enjoyed good company, and recited our favorite passages from Shakespeare. I can’t even tell you how much Bob and Susannah love Shakespeare, they are an English professor’s dream.

Then Carissa and I went to have a girl’s night with the some of the Canyon Girls. We showed them The Buckhorn, which is as close to the Wild West as it gets in Laramie. It was fun, we danced and made merry!

Again (sorry for being repetitive): I can’t say how much I regret not meeting these people sooner! (If I could go back in time, I would tell young Jacklynn to get out there and go on group trips!). Not to be nostalgic and cliched, but I feel like I’ve changed so much in four years that maybe it is just fate that we all met now when we’ve grown more into who we will be for the rest of our lives—though we’re probably always changing. I certainly know that I forcing myself to go out of my comfort zone has definitely made me a different (and better!?) person.

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